December 20th, 2012

What’s New: Disco Fever and Rockettes-Inspired Dance Classes Kicking Off in January

NYHRC is ringing in the New Year by featuring five fantastic classes that will jump start even the most faint-hearted of fitness resolutions. Combining the proven results of interval training with dance choreography and the latest in fitness equipment, there’s something among our High Kicks, Saturday Afternoon Fever, HIPrana, Kangoo and Wind Up classes that will appeal to Radio City Rockette wannabes, Studio 54 retro revelers, hula-hoop champs of childhood and more. Nostalgia meets new ways to get fit, have fun and make friends at NYHRC!

With more than 600 classes and a wide range of exercise options, these new offerings are just the latest in a growing list of additions and improvements that continue to make NYHRC one of the most exciting and inviting fitness environments in the city.

Both members and – for $25 per class, non-members – are invited to enjoy our new classes, programmed by Maryann Donner, NYHRC Group Fitness Director:

  • High Kicks: A Rockettes-inspired dance/kick class with instructors Alicia Harris and NYHRC’s resident Rockette, Barbi Powers – starting in January.
  • Saturday Afternoon Fever: A dance class that incorporates music and choreography from the ‘70s and ‘80s, instructed by Alicia Harris – starting in January.
  • HIPrana: A fusion of belly dancing and yoga geared to tap into your physical, spiritual and emotional levels, while also strengthening the core and increasing flexibility – with instructor Slavica Milosevska.
  •  Kangoo: A high-intensity, interval training workout that incorporates rebound shoes to increase cardio fitness through sports conditioning and plyometric drills – instructed by Mario Green, Victor Cabezas, Jr. and Takenori Kawai.
  • Wind Up: An intense calorie-burning hula hoop training workout – with instructor Leiselene Hendrickson.
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